Horse riding

Horses are incredible animals. Communication with them gives peace and a sense of inner balance, relieves stress. Horse riding also develops physical endurance, with horse riding exercises involved almost all muscle groups, it is strengthening the effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

In the Ile-Alatau national park are two equestrian centers:

1. Altyn-Тai equestrian club is located in Butakovsky gorge, a 20-minute from the city centre. The club has 8 stables, which can accommodate 68 horses.

At «Altyn Tai» Equestrian Club, leading riders of the country, who are the members of the national equestrian team, train and give master classes to anyone interested. In addition, Altyn Tai is the only stud farm in Kazakhstan for breeding sporting and German horses. 

2. Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka equestrian center is located 40 minutes from Almaty.

The sports and health center has a riding school, a spacious Levada, a contact stable and a variety of routes for horseback riding.

The riding school has experienced instructors who will help you and your children feel confident in the saddle and enjoy the happiness of being together with wildlife!