Red Book

Plants, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the territory of the Ile Alatau National Park 35 species of flowering plants and 2 species of bryophytic plants from the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be found. Also another 6 species of flowering plants can be found within the protected area of the Almaty State Integrated Nature Reserve, though they can be identified within the park area, too.

Especially interesting are such endemic species as eutrema pseudocardiophyllous and small-fruited whitlow grass, Pastinacоpsis glacialis, Almaty-based glamorous oxytrope, Almaty-based jurinea, as well as the species which have got decorative qualities and are wild congeners of cultivated plants: Crocus alatavicus, tulip of Ostrovskiy, tulip of Kolpakovskiy, rhubarb of Vittrok, Mushketov‘s goat’s-wheat, apple-tree of Siverse, wild apricot, Iris alberti, Saussurea involucrata, Schmalhausenia nidulans, corydalis of Semenov, Gymnospermium altaicum, orange wormseed, Caucasian nettle-tree, Iridodictyum kolpakowskianum and others. All they need protection, further studying and monitoring of population trends.

Krupka small-fruited

Saffron Alatau

Wittrock Rhubarb

Kasatik Alberta

Cossurey wrapped

Yellowness orange

Species of animals included in the Red Books of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Union for the Protection of Nature

From among the mammals living in the territory of the Park, 6 species belong to rare and vanishing ones, such as Tien Shan brown bear, snow leopard, Turkestan lynx, Tien Shan argali, stone marten, Indian crested porcupine.

Within the Park in different year seasons, you can find 20 species of rare birds, from which 16 are included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, and 4 – in the Red Book of the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUPN).

From among the birds included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, in the park make nests 5 species of birds: golden eagle, vulture, Himalayan vulture, eagle-owl, whistling thrush. Black vulture, gallinule and roller are listed in the Red Book of the IUPN.

As for amphibians, Pevtsov’s toad and Central Asian frog are among rare and vanishing species. Pevtsov’s toad has a status of the IV category and is an uninvestigated species. One toad was found in Big Almaty Lake and another – in
Almaty city. Earlier the Central Asian frog was often found in Almaty city and within its outskirts, in the rivers of Ile, Almaty, Kaskelen, Shamalgan, but now has disappeared or can be rarely found. It may be possible that this toad species
inhabits the Park nowadays, but it is very rare. The frog has a status of the II category, as declining species with reducing area of distribution.

Tien Shan brown bear

Tien Shan mountain ram

Turkestan Lynx

Stone marten

Indian porcupine

Blue bird